Pricing Guide

Thank you for your interest in Fully Loved and Free doormats. After all, doormats create the first impression of your home to your visitors. As you consider which doormat will be the perfect addition to your front door, we have developed a pricing guide to help with the process. 
 Here are a couple of things to remember that are included in all of our prices (No matter which doormat you choose) :
  • The actual doormat itself 
  • Materials used for painting the doormat (For example paint, sealer, brushes, etc.)
  • Labor/time making your doormat
  • Shipping
We are proud of every mat shipped out, and would include every mat by our own front door.

All of our "ready to go" doormats range from $38-$44 per doormat. The more wording, designs or change of color the doormat has, the more expensive it will be.  That is because the more we have to change, the longer it takes. Here is one example of our "Ready to go" simple doormats. 

As you are looking at our website and see a design you like, the cost of the doormat will usually be $38. This is because we have already done the doormat before which reduces the time spent on your doormat.


However there are a few exceptions. For example, our "I Hope You Brought Bourbon" doormat is $44 because it has a picture replacement for the text, which takes more time. 

Our custom doormats, typically range from $44- $56. As mentioned above, the pricing depends on how many words or colors are needed and if there is a specific design. 

Here are some examples of custom orders that we have done in the past!

Please remember that all of our doormats are sealed to prevent from fading! 

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at all! Thanks for supporting this small business and this big dream of mine!



Please visit our Doormat Page for more details.